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Why Yuill Be Fixed Family Health Clinic??

Our therapists have been trained at IPSB - International Professional School of Bodywork, in San Diego, California, USA. You will benefit from a range of unique treatments and massages not found in the UK.

Why are muscle treatments and massages good for me?

When our hair grows on our heads we get a hairdresser to cut it. We deal with the excess length by getting someone to keep the hair trimmed. Similarly, our muscles build up metabolic waste such as lactic acid from our busy and sometimes hectic lifestyles. We can get this removed by treatment(s) from a massage therapist.

Muscle treatments and massages help with blood flow. By manipulating the muscles we feed them with the necessary nutrients in conjunction with the food we digest in our stomachs. This loosens the tightness of the muscles which then allow you to continue your everyday lifestyle.

Whether it be working out at the gym, running, gardening, painting the house or emptying the garage Yuill Be Fixed has the tailored treatments to relieve your aches and pains and help you live your life to the full.

Tailored Treatments from Yuill Be Fixed

For tailored treatments and massages for all the family.

Tailored Treatments

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Yuill be Fixed Mum
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