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At YuillBeFixed the Family Health Clinic we provide tailored treatments and massages for
all the family. The following description is the service a client can expect to receive when they
visit the clinic for a deep muscle treatment regarding their chest.

Treatment No.9 Deep Muscle Treatment, Chest

The pectoralis major is a broad, powerful muscle that originates off the medial clavicle, sternum and cartilage of first through six ribs .The muscle inserts into the crest of the greater tubercle of the humerus. Pectoralis major is divided into three segments-the clavicular, sternal and coastal fibres. The upper and lower fibres perform opposing actions at the shoulder joint –flexion and extension.

The YuillBeFixed massage Therapist are trained to investigate for strained muscle pulls and tears this can happen in one of the chest muscles and difficulty lifting things and moving your arm across your body. Bruising and swelling are possible. With more severe strains you could have weakness in the muscle as well. If you have an injury to the tendon attaching the muscle to the upper arm you’ll get pain closer to the arm and shoulder.

Firstly the YuillBefixed massage therapist will massage the chest area one side of the body to begin with 20 minutes of Swedish massage and specialised warming techniques around the shoulder as well. The therapists will start from the client’s sternum and start to investigate the coastal fibres of the client’s lower pectoral muscle. The therapist uses slow meaningful deep tissue techniques to investigate the muscle.

The client will be asked 3 questions during this investigation.

1 “is the point tender and on a scale of 1-10, what number are you, 10 being the pain is too much”?
The appropriate number is quickly found and work continues, which is around 6-7 out of 10 Pleasurable/ discomfort for pain.

2 “dose it refer to another part of the body”?

In other words is the area being compressed a Trigger point (referring pain to other parts of the body) or is it Ischemia (meaning a knot or constricted blood) which can be trapped in tight areas of the client’s body.

3 Once this has been established by our YuiiBeFixed massage therapist. The massage therapist will compress the Trigger point in this case and when it refers pain and the pressure is within the pleasure/pain limits which is 6-7 out of 10 for pain, our therapist will ask the client when the referred sensation changes, our therapists will want to know the affect their pressure is having on the Trigger point. This is very important because adding more pressure on a trigger point will only make the client feel even worse as the body will tighten up and protect itself. We are trying to break patterns of pain that come down from the brain and into the client’s nervous system by de-programing the neural gate of pain, and like roads lead to different parts, so the patterns of pain travel the same pathways causing holding patterns in muscles, restricting movement and blood flow.

The YuillBeFixed therapist can use specialised crossfiber techniques on muscle tears and strains to break down scar tissue which will cause a restricted range of motion for the client.

The investigation of the Sternal fibres and clavicular fibres will be investigated also. The shoulder, where the pectoralis major muscle inserts, which is the crest of the greater tubercle is where the therapist finishes his work, this area is a prime location for scar tissue and muscular strains, crossfiber work can be intense with the breakdown of scar tissue.
The YuillBeFixed massage therapist always will leave time afterwards for circulatory work to disperse any tension and give pleasure back to the nervous system.

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