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At YuillBeFixed , the Family Health Clinic we provide tailored Treatments and Massages
for all the Family, the following description is the service a client can expect to receive when they
visit the clinic for a Treatment regarding the Hip & Glute;

Treatment No.3 –Deep Muscle Treatment Hip & Glute (posterior).

The client will be massaged for 20 minutes using Swedish massage firstly to encourage heat and blood flow to the glute and hip area, the lower back where gluteus Medius attaches to the posterior iliac crest and posterior and anterior gluteal lines is massaged and warmed also to encourage more blood flow and heat.
Deep muscle therapy is applied to the top of the start of the Posterior iliac crest, the slow deep strokes are there to investigate for any trigger points (referral pain) and ischemia (meaning knots or constricted blood) which can be trapped in the muscle.

The client will be asked 3 questions during this investigation,
    1) “Is the point tender and on a pain scale of 1-10, what number are you?
10 being the pain is too much.
The appropriate number will be between 6-7, which is known in the massage profession as a pleasurable discomfort.
    2) “Does it refer to another part of the body, in other words is it a trigger point or localised pain Ischemia (meaning a knot or constricted blood which can be trapped in the muscle of the clients body.

    3) Once this has been established at YuillbeFixed our therapists are trained to find trigger points and Knots that are within the muscles.
The YuillBefixed massage therapist will compress the trigger point once it has been found and is within the pleasure/pain limits which is around 6-7 out of 10 for pain our therapists will ask the client when the referred sensation changes, our therapists will want to know the affects their pressure is having on the trigger point, when the client says the referred sensation has changed and no longer feels the referred sensation the therapist knows that this is de-programing the nervous system from patterns of pain that come down the nervous system from the brain.
The YuillBeFixed therapist will then start to put compressions into specialised areas of the gluteus Maximus where he will open up the lateral rotators of the hip to encourage length in the glute and hip.

Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus medius, Gluteus minimus, piriforms ,Quadratus Femoris will all be worked on to encourage the glute to open and lengthen giving more flexibility back to the hip and taking pressure of the lower back .
The compressions will last 4 minutes each compression and will be put close to the client’s sacrum and all around the powerful glute muscle, 3 compressions will be applied.
A Piriformis stretch will be done by the YuillBeFixed therapist 3 -4 areas of the Piriformis muscle which originates of the anterior surface of the lateral sacrum.
And it inserts of the greater trochanter of the femur along its upper medial surface.

This work can be intense due to years of pain and tightness held in the client’s body, however at YuillBeFixed the massage therapist will always leave time after Deep Muscle Treatments for circulatory work to disperse any tensions and give pleasure back to the nervous system.

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