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At YuillBefixed the Family Health Clinic we provide tailored Treatments and massages for all
the Family. The following description is the service a client can expect to receive when they
visit the clinic from a treatment regarding a knee problem.

Treatment No.8 Deep Muscle Treatment, Knee

At YuillbeFixed the massage therapist have been trained to work on scar tissue that has built up in or around the knee from sports injury’s ,twists or sprains and tears from an active lifestyle, or just problems of tightness and stiffness from ligaments and tendons that have a lack of blood flow going to them.

Runner’s Knee or patellofemoral knee pain, is the most common type of knee pain experienced by sportsmen and women and people who are heavy and out of condition. The patella (kneecap) is a sesamoid bone that sits inside a muscle –tendon unit. In the case of the knee, the patella is located inside the patella tendon and connects to the quadriceps muscle group which inserts at the tibial tuberosity, the YuillBeFixed therapist will be trained to break down scar tissue and collagen fibres that have built up over time or due to a recent injury within 48 hours of the injury you can be worked on at YuillBeFixed as long as the swelling has gone down.

Crossfiber work can be carried out at 3 places where the client will feel tight and limited with range of motion due to tightness in the tendons and there insertion site.

First area will be above the patella where the quad tendons converge into the patella ligament, this is a good place for the breakdown of collagen fibres and scar tissue. The therapist will work a crossfiber technique across this area for 10 minutes, slide the patella across and left side first and 10 minutes of more crossfiber work behind the back of the left side of the patella and this will also happen on the right side for 10 minutes also.

The last area will be the insertion area at the front of the knee at tibial tuberosity for 10 minutes of crossfiber work, the client will feel different pain sensations when this work is being carried out due to a build of scar tissue and tendon tightness.

At yuillBeFixed the professional crossfiber techniques will be used on most muscle and tendon tightness ,ligaments and tears and sprains ,the tears are graded usually 1 being a small tear ,2 being a medium tear and 3 being a complete rupture of the bone.

Ligaments and tendons do not have a good blood supply so crossfiber techniques but the YuillBeFixed massage therapist will bring in a fresh new blood supply where the blood could not reach before, this will aid the client in the healing process as the YuillBeFixed therapist will tell the client to Ice for 10 minutes and heat for 10 minutes this is called muscle flushing and brings in new nutrients with the new blood flow which will speed up the recovery process.

This work can be intense due to years of pain and tightness held in the body of the client, however at YuillBFixed the massage therapist will always leave time after Deep muscle Treatments for circulatory work to disperse any tension and give pleasure back to the nervous system.

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