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At YuillBeFixed, the family Health Clinic we provide tailored Treatments and massages for all the family.
This is a description of the service a client can expect to receive when they visit the clinic for
a treatment regarding the Middle & Lower Back.

Treatment No. 2 - Deep Muscle Treatment Middle & lower back:

The massage therapist will massage the lower and middle back for the first 20 minutes to relax the muscles in the middle and lower back and improve blood flow through the clients tight muscles. The therapist will perform a deep circulatory discovery massage to start with to ascertain where the client has sore muscle tightness, spasms, ischemia (knots in the muscle) or Trigger points (referral pain in the muscle to other parts of the body).

The massage therapists at YuillbeFixed are trained to search for these problems in the muscles, they are technically known as modalities used in the breakdown of these trigger points and the deep muscle treatments performed are neuromuscular therapy and deep tissue therapy.

The yuillbefixed therapist will start to investigate the muscles of the middle back by starting a deep Muscle compression at T7 in line with the clients inferior angle of scapula. The erector spinae group, Spinalis thoracis, attached to the spine, longissimus thoracis, 2 inches beside the spine, and lliocostalis that run up the ribs. These areas will have Deep muscle Treatments and as the massage therapist starts to work on the muscles will start to ask 3 questions to the Client;
    1) On a scale of 1-10 how much pain do you have here? 10, being too much pressure. The appropriate number is quickly found and work continues.
    2) Is the pain localised ischemic (a Knot) or is it a trigger point (referring pain to another part of the body)?
    3) If it is a trigger point is the referral changing so the pain is not getting worse?
The massage therapist will now make compressions into the lliolumbar ligaments for 3 minutes in length and loosen the ligament and to improve blood flow back to the area, when backs become really tight these ligaments can become full of metabolic waste products that tighten the lower back.

Another deep lasting compression will be put into the quadratus lumborum for 4 minutes to also help loosen the lower back, this is positioned above the posterior iliac crest and just below floating ribs 11, and 12. This attachment site around the hip area gives a lot of tension to the lower back and when released can give a lot of relief to lower back problems.

At YuillBeFixed clinic the massage therapist will always make time to disperse tension by using circulatory work that will enhance blood flow and give pleasure to the nervous system at the very end of the deep muscle treatment.

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