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At YuillBeFixed, the family Health Clinic we provide tailored Treatments and massages
for all the family.

This is a description of the service a client can expect to receive when they visit the clinic for a treatment regarding the Neck & Shoulders.

Treatment No. 1 - Deep Muscle Treatment Neck & Shoulders:

Swedish massage is used for the first 20 minutes to relax the neck and shoulders and bring the neck and shoulders back to natural anatomical body alignment by increasing blood flow for the client.

Deep Tissue therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy is used in connection with the injury, accident or some kind of trauma, either physical or emotional. Neuromuscular therapy and Deep tissue Therapy recognise other causes of pain too. Some symptoms of pain can develop gradually over time in clients, which can be down to insufficient ways of standing and moving in gravity. Postural distortions result and biomechanical dysfunctions follow in their wake. Some other factors that can contribute to pain and injury may come from, improper diet, improper exercise, and generally stressful Lifestyles.

The Client is now relaxed as blood flow and circulation and warmth have been used in manipulation and massage to the neck and shoulder muscles .The client will now be asked questions during the next 30 minutes about things that will be found in the muscle causing tightness and holding patterns and pain.

Compressions will start at the top of the clients’ occipital protuberance (Back of the clients head)
A pattern starts of 2 minute per compression along the muscle attachment site. Deep tissue strokes will then start from the occiput (back of head) and go slowly out to the client’s acromion (shoulder area).
At YuillBeFixed the Massage therapist are trained to look for Ischemia (meaning knots or constricted blood) which are trapped in the muscle. This is a circulatory problem which naturally affects the health of local tissues because metabolic waste products are not carried away by the fresh blood and fresh nutrients are in short supply .This toxic accumulation is what causes the problem in the tight muscles in the first place. The massage therapist will break down a knot by first putting pressure on the knot and then asking the patient 3 questions to help disperse its existence.

1) “is this point tender , and on a pain scale of 1-10 , 10 being the pain is too much, what number are you feeling“ ? The appropriate number is quickly found and work continues.
If the point is just localised pain in that area and there is no referral pain our therapists have been trained to work on the knots found.
Knots can be broken down , with Deep muscle treatments, when pressure in applied to the knot it will start to break down creating a better influx of fresh new blood to the area, which wasn’t there before due to the tightness and pain in the area in the first place.

2) “Dose it refer to another part of the body “?

At yuillbefixed the massage therapist will investigate for Trigger points.
An Example of this may be - Compression in the shoulder area as we investigate the patient’s muscle starts referring pain to the neck area! This can be common in most clients.
Trigger points develop in areas of the muscle contain Ischemia (knots).

Trigger points refer pain in the body, they are patterns of pain that will come from the brain and spine and through the nervous system and like roads lead to different places, so pain goes along the same routes in the muscles.
This can be de-programed by techniques used by our massage therapist to block the neural Gate pathways of pain by introducing pleasure to the area, this will close the patterns of pain that come down from the brain in through the nervous system shutting the neural Gate.

3) “Is the referral changing?”
The massage therapist will compress the Trigger point and when it refers pain and the pressure is within the pleasure/pain limits which is usually around 6-7 out of 10 for pain, our therapist will ask the client when the referred sensation changes, our therapist will want to know the affect their pressure is having on the trigger point they have found in the muscle.

This work can be intense due to years of pain and tightness held in the body of the client, however, at YuillBefixed the massage therapist will always leave time after treatments for circulatory work to disperse any tensions and give pleasure back to the nervous system.

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