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At YuillBeFixed, the family Health Clinic we provide tailored Treatments and Massages
for all the Family. The following description is the service a client can expect to receive when
they visit the clinic for a treatment regarding their Shins, Calf & Feet;

Treatment No.5 - Deep Muscle Treatment Shins Calf’s & Feet.

The YuillBeFixed therapist will start by working on the muscles at the front of the shin and side of leg being worked on with Swedish massage firstly are Tibialis anterior and also the stabilizing muscles for balance Peroneus longus and peroneus brevis.
They will be professionally massaged and warmed to create blood flow to the lower parts of the leg and foot.

The therapist has been trained to investigate the tibialis anterior for ischemia (meaning knots or constricted blood) trapped in the muscles of the shin causing tightness and a restricted range of motion especially concerning mobility and performance.
3 questions will be asked on the investigation by the YuillBeFixed Massage therapist when the muscles are being stripped and examined.

1 “is the point tender and on a scale of 1-10, what number area you, 10 being the pain is too much?
The appropriate number is quickly found and work continues, which is around 6-7 pleasurable discomfort.

2 “dose the point being pressed refer to another part of the body “?
In other words is the area being compressed a Trigger point referring pain to another part of the body or is it ischemia ( meaning a knot or constricted blood ) which can be trapped in the muscle causing tightness and lack of function and performance.

3 At YuillBeFixed the massage therapists are trained to find Trigger points and Knots withheld within the body.

When a Trigger point is discovered the massage therapist will compress the trigger point within the pleasure/pain limits which is usually around 6-7 out of 10 for pain, our therapist will ask the client when the referred sensation changes, our therapists will want to know the affect their pressure is having on the trigger point, once the client says the referral pain is no longer there, the YuillBeFixed therapist knows that the clients nervous system is being de-programed from the pain patterns that are held in areas of the clients body.
The client`s calf or Gastrocnemius muscle will also have the same work including an examination and investigation for Trigger points and knots.

Plantar tears and calf tears can have crossfiber work done directly on the torn fibres of the muscle.

This will be timed by the YuillBeFixed therapist because it can be intense for the client as it is breaking down scar tissue and collagen fibres that have formed over time if the injury is old, 10 minutes each section of the tear will be applied, this will also be used for plantar Fasciitis tears which occur around the heal of the foot and around the arch of the clients foot.

The sooner the client comes in to see the YuillBeFixed therapist the faster the recovery rate from the injury.

This work can be intense due to years of pain and tightness held in the body of the client, however at YuillBeFixed the massage therapist will always leave time for circulatory work to disperse any tensions and give pleasure back to the nervous system.

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