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Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between a Relaxing Massage and a Deep Muscle treatment is?

Deep Muscle Treatments require a much deeper form of Therapy.

The techniques used for the Deep muscle Treatment are:
Neuromuscular therapy (finding Knots and Trigger points that refer pain in the body and holding patterns In the muscles).
Cross-fibre Techniques
Breaking down of scar tissue.
(specifically focused techniques precisely on areas of tension in the body, and the Deep Muscle Therapy Blood flow).

(Sinking into Muscles for longer periods of time to move stagnation and create

What is Relaxing Massage?
You can pick an area on the body you want worked on to relax, from the Full-body to Neck and shoulders or Lower legs for 60 Mins.

Discretion for women?
We always use sheets for women when they are being worked on and only the body part being worked on
Will be exposed e.g…leg or back, everywhere else is covered by a sheet.

How often should I get a Deep Muscle Treatment?
Once a week but you can get another body part Treated in the same week.

How often should I get a Relaxing Massage?
1 time in a week but every 2 weeks keeps lactic acid and metabolic waste products from building up
Which causes the tension in the muscle in the first place.
This will get your muscles to recover much quicker after hard work outs or long stressful hours at work
Or long hours with kids at home.

What can I do to help the Muscles after Deep Muscle Treatments?
10 minutes of ice on the area and cover the ice so you don’t burn your skin.
10 minutes of heat (heat pack or hot water bottle) make sure you check that the heat pack is not to hot
Before applying it to the already iced area, this is called muscle flushing it creates a lot of blood flow to the
Area increasing healing and stagnation like metabolic wastes to be taken away by the blood.
Drinking lots of water after Treatments is essential to help the body flush out unwanted toxins.

How many Deep Muscle Treatments are needed for an injury or operation?
5-10 treatments could be required, but lots of people recover much faster after 5 have been completed.

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