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At YuillBeFixed the family Health clinic we provide tailored treatments and massages for all the
family. The following description is the service a client can expect when they visit the clinic
regarding a relaxing Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage;

Relaxing Back, Neck & Shoulders No.11

At YuillBeFixed the family health clinic our massage therapists have been trained to assess tightness around the back neck and shoulders, sitting at desks at work for long hours with computer monitors in the wrong positions and using the mouse to work the shoulder and middle back area for endless hours are all contributors to muscle holding and pain. The aging process can add to degeneration of posture from letting muscles weaken to hold posture in the correct position. Muscles can pull on neck muscles causing tension headaches and migraines.

The massage therapist will assess the tightness of the muscles during a Swedish massage, using specialised warming techniques to enhance blood flow to the tight over worked muscles. The massage will start centre back from the Erector Spinae group, Spinalis, longissimus, lliocostalis are all worked on by the massage therapist with deep meaningful massage strokes that evaporate tension away from the tight muscles.

The therapist will investigate tension around the lower back where the muscle seem to cling to the back bones in a vice tight state, quadratus lumborum and Thoracolumbar aponeurosis that acts like a corset around the lower back, keeps the back supported this muscle attaches around the hips and is worked on by the massage therapist to loosen tightness and bring back alignment to the lower back muscles.

The clients gluteals are worked on which attach around the back of the hips ,gluteus medius being worked into by the massage therapist with a releasing technique and warming technique to flush the area with new blood flow brining fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients back to the relaxed muscles.

The therapist will work from the lower back and then change direction to investigate around the client’s neck and shoulders where warming techniques will be used again to assess change and holding patterns in the neck and middle back muscles. The deltoids around the client’s shoulders and middle Trapezius are all prime locations for muscle tightness and holding patterns.

The massage therapist will be looking for tight arm muscles to loosen on an investigation of the arm. Clients who suffer from tingling sensations to the fingers and down the arm muscles that are so tight will be loosened with further specialised warming techniques to melt away tension in these areas. Tight arms always bring tension to the shoulders which then radiates to the neck and head causing tension in the temples and usually headaches.

This work can leave the client tranquil and relaxed like they have been taken on beautiful journey, it is an experience that the massage therapist will leave in your mind.

At yuillBeFixed the massage therapist will make you aware of your breathing and ask you to focus on long deep breaths to help the body relax and help the therapist go deeper into the muscles and relax tight areas.
The massage therapist will always tell you to drink plenty of water after relaxing massages to flush out the body and bring back new blood flow into relaxed areas.

We recommend having a relaxing massage every 2 weeks at YuillBefixed to keep waste products like Lactic acid from building up in the muscles which tightens it in the first place .

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