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At YuillBeFixed, the family Health clinic we provide tailored treatments and massages for all the
family. The following description is the service a client can expect when they visit the clinic
regarding a relaxing Full Body massage;

Relaxing Full Body Massage No.12

At YuillBeFixed the massage therapist will set the mood for your full body relaxing massage by centring your thoughts and feelings by asking you to focus on deep relaxing breaths, the therapist will start at your middle back working deep relaxing massage strokes into the erector spinae group,spinalis that’s attached to the spine longissimus which is an inch away from the spine and iliocostalis which attaches to the ribs 3 inches out from the spine. The therapist will investigate for tightness in these muscle groups if you are a runner or a work out fanatic or you’re just sitting at a desk getting tight from endless hours at work or just exhausted running around after the kids.

The massage therapist will work their way down to the bottom of the back into thoracolumbar apouneurosis which keeps the back supported and acts like a corset for the back ,external and internal obliques get investigated for tightness and specialised warming techniques are used by the massage therapist to pump the muscles with fresh blood and heat.

The gluteals are a set of three muscle that sit and attach around the hips Gluteus maximus sitting on top of gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. It is one of the most powerful muscles in the body and largest it has a massive effect on back tightness and will be worked into with deep meaningful massage strokes by the therapist.

The YuillBeFixed therapist will work their way back up the back to the neck and shoulders where there are tight muscles that come of the spine and insert at the back of the head, splenius capitis is deep to the Trapezius and rhomboids its fibres are investigated for tightness by the therapist it attaches to the lateral part of the head and splenus cervics comes of the spine and inserts on the neck all contribute to neck tightness and can cause headaches when overly tight ,these muscles again will be worked into by the massage therapist and investigated for tightness.

The massage therapist will loosen the neck and shoulders and work their way down the arm and hand to asses any tightness in the arms from tight muscles that cause tingling sensations down to the hands and fingers. The therapist will continue the same deep massage on the other side of the client’s body completing the whole back.

The yuillBeFixed therapist will start at the client’s leg and use soothing strokes and spread oil up to the client’s gluteals assessing the calf and hamstring for any holding patterns and tightness. Fanning strokes divide the hamstrings into their three groups ,Bicep femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus as the therapist irons out tightness’s and holding patterns in the hamstrings.

The calf and feet will be investigated too, knots and tight balance muscles in these areas can be overworked from keeping the body balanced in everyday life. The other leg will be worked on in the same way.

The yuillBeFixed therapist will ask the client to slowly turnover and continue the full body massage on the client’s leg which oils will be spread again as the therapist evaluates the leg for holding patterns and tightness.
Tibialis anterior and all the extensors of the leg are worked into by the therapist circulatory motions around the clients knee ligaments and deep meaningful circulatory strokes into the four quad muscles are investigated ,Rectus femoris , vastus medialis, vastus lateralis and vastus intermedius.

This investigation of all the quad muscles will let the client know what is tight or what will need a Deep Muscle Treatment in the massage assessment. The other leg will have the same investigation.

The massage therapist at YuillBeFixed will work into the client’s abdomen and work on holding patterns in the Rectus abdominis which originates of the clients pubic crest and inserts on the ribs. The abs being the power station off the body where all strength comes from will be naturally tight and the therapist will use specialised techniques to elevate tightness here.

The Therapist will work up to the client’s chest and work into pectoralis Major around the deltoids and down the clients arm to hand. The other side of the client’s chest and arm will be investigated for tightness and holding patterns as well.

The massage therapist will finish the massage with pressure points around the head and temples and eyes. The client will feel relaxed and calm as if they have been on a beautiful journey.

At YuillBeFixed the massage therapist will always take time to centre your thoughts again and look forward to the next time you come in for the YuillBeFixed relaxing Massage experience.

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