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At YuillBeFixed the Family Health Clinic, we provide tailored Treatments and Massages for all the
Family. This following description is the service a client can expect to receive when they visit the
clinic regarding a Relaxing Lower leg massage.

Relaxing Lower leg Massage No.10

At YuillBeFixed the massage therapist has been trained to evaluate how tight the legs and hamstrings (back of the leg) are. The massage therapist uses a blend of Swedish massage ,deep muscle massage and sensory re-patterning which can bring the clients feelings back to as if they were floating in the womb when they were a baby.

At YuillBeFixed the therapist will set the mood for your massage experience, low lighting, music to relax, sheets and blankets and pillows for comfort. The massage therapist will remind the client to breathe and be aware of breathing deeply to allow the body to relax, so often we forget to take a real breath that opens the lungs and frees the mind of thought.

The massage therapist will spread the oils with effleurage and pettrisage around the calf’s and back of the legs and glutes (posterior), professional warming techniques will be applied to the client’s legs to encourage blood flow and circulation. The therapist will use the right amount of pressure and will ask if you would like more of less as the key to getting the right deep relaxing massage you have come in to experience at the clinic.

The massage therapist will work into your thighs and shins to release tired and sore legs, tops of feet and arches to loosen tight feet.

The massage therapist will always leave time to wipe you off oils and give to time to centre your thoughts after your relaxing leg massage, the therapist will make you aware that you can feel a little light headed and very calm as if you have been on a journey somewhere warm and tranquil, this is normal and means you have enjoyed the massage experience.

At yuillBeFixed the massage therapist will tell you to drink plenty of water to flush out waste products that have been moved out of tight muscles during the relaxing work, these massages are great for people who are working out a lot and also for people who have had a marathon the day before or if you have circulatory problems or in general just want to relax from a busy life style.

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