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Relaxing Massages St Albans

If you are looking for relaxing massages in St Albans and Hertfordshire then Ian
can really help you.

At YuillBeFixed the massage therapist has been trained to evaluate how tight the legs and hamstrings (back of the leg) are. The massage therapist uses a blend of Swedish massage ,deep muscle massage and sensory re-patterning which can bring the clients feelings back to as if they were floating in the womb when they were a baby.

At YuillBeFixed the therapist will set the mood for your massage experience, low lighting, music to relax, sheets and blankets and pillows for comfort. The massage therapist will remind the client to breathe and be aware of breathing deeply to allow the body to relax, so often we forget to take a real breath that opens the lungs and frees the mind of thought.

The massage therapist will spread the oils with effleurage and pettrisage around the calf’s and back of the legs and glutes (posterior), professional warming techniques will be applied to the client’s legs to encourage blood flow and circulation. The therapist will use the right amount of pressure and will ask if you would like more of less as the key to getting the right deep relaxing massage you have come in to experience at the clinic.

Relaxing Massages St Albans

YuillBeFixed Deep Muscle Treatment Reviews
Rated 5/5  based on 95 customer reviews
Product description: A selection of treatments specific to your need. Nine options available to target problem areas.

Customer reviews:

Excellent work -  by September, 2013
5/ 5stars
"I went to Ian with pain in my neck and shoulders, and he has helped to relieve the pain in a small amount of time. Ian is the first masseur that I have experienced who is able to break down my tension knots. I have recommended Ian to all my friends and family."

Best purchase - by September, 2013
4.5/ 5stars
"I originally came to YuillBeFixed after finally wanting to stop living with the pain from my chronic tennis elbow. After a number of deep massage sessions all pain has disappeared and I have full strength back in my arm and hand.

I have also had treatment to help with stiffness in my shoulder. After two surgeries and endless physiotherapy at hospital I had almost given up ever having a full range of motion in my shoulder again. Ian once again applied his specific skills and restored me back to pre surgery strength and mobility.

Ian's knowledge of muscle and tendon anatomy is amazing, together with his passion and dedication for his profession really makes me believe he is able to target the source of problems directly.

I have become a regular client of Ian's for help with various other injuries sustained in the Gym, and he will always be the first person I go to for deep muscle or tendon treatment in future."


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